Jira contact

jira contact

Contact us and we will help you find an Atlassian Partner that's right for you. Tell us a bit about what you're looking for today so we can put you in contact with an appropriate representative from our Enterprise team. This is displayed when the Contact the JIRA Administrators form is not correctly configured as per Configuring JIRA Options.

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You must be a registered user to add a comment. Start Confluence Automatically on Linux Start Confluence Automatically on Windows as a Service. I want to log in as the administrator to start building a project and adding users, but get the following when I log in: Troubleshooting XML backups that fail on restore. Legal Operate securely and reliably. The administrator contact page is a form that allows a user of Confluence to send a message to the administrators of their Confluence site.


Jira Live Training Day 02 You can customize the message that is presented to the user on the ' Contact Site Administrators ' page. Configuring a Server for Outgoing Mail Setting Up a Mail Session for the Confluence Distribution Configuring the Recommended Updates Email Notification The Mail Queue. Issues resolved for 2. Bundesliga sieger liste Storage Format Confluence Wiki Markup. Activity Stream Macro Anchor Macro Attachments Macro Blog Posts Macro Change-History Macro Chart Macro Wiki Markup Examples for Chart Macro.

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