Facts about the battle of hastings for kids

facts about the battle of hastings for kids

Primary-school facts about the Battle of Hastings, with games, activities and links to further learning for children. In William the Conqueror set sail from Normandy to take part in one of the fiercest battles on British soil, the Battle of Hastings. At the Battle of Hastings ; 14th October King Harold lost. Fun Facts. Books were published to tell people how to behave at feasts and one warned diners.

Facts about the battle of hastings for kids - ist

The battle re-enactments are spectacular and not to be missed! The Normans liked spicy food so much that the Royal court had a special department called the 'spicery' to look after spices such as caraway, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and pepper which were very expensive. They stood in a long line, putting their shields in front of them in defence this was known as a shield wall. Lucent Books, , p. I will be sure to include a reference note at the bottom of my piece stating the source of my information. October 9, at The Norman Conquest was a major turning point in English history. In the king of England Edward the Confessor was childless. Read about where the Battle of Hastings happened. The English lost the battle and King Harold was killed. William removed his helmet so his men could see he was still alive. In order to prove that he was alive William pushed back his helmet and reportedly said to his men: The Spielautomat kostenlos dolfine Tapestry can be found in a museum in Normandy. facts about the battle of hastings for kids


Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?

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